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Explore and download data for modelled species distributions of European marine and freshwater species.
A habitat classification tool that accounts for the hierarchical structure of habitats
Uses remotely-sensed landscape fragmentation data for monitoring ecosystem condition (e.g., extent of deforestation, forest degradation).
Summarises, in a visual way, the various steps scientists take when doing species distribution modelling, from start to end
In the Data section, user can search datasets from the various major providers, including GBIF, LTER-Europe, EuMon (coming), PESI, and GEOSS sources. The system is powered by the GEOSS Data Access Broker. Currently there are two interfaces to choose from: The original EuroGEOSS search engine, and a new biodiversity-specific search engine (v2), which opens from the above icon.
Data Analysis
This section gives access to new tools and services for analysing biodiversity data. There is business intelligence tool of Pentaho that connects to a 3-dimensional data cube of 228 million records. Species richness for any organism group can be mapped at any spatial and temporal resolution. Trends in relative abundance can be computed. A spatial browser for locating datasets for species abundance and distribution is provided. All of these tools are prototypes, currently on using GBIF data, and aimed at showing capabilities. They will be enhanced in future.
The Tools section under Services offers and on-line, continuously updated inventory of data sharing tools. This builds on the work done for EU BON deliverable D2.2.
About the portal
This is the preliminary public release (beta) of the EU BON Biodiversity Portal. It will link to relevant databases and information systems, policy contacts and recommendations, and structured advice for assessing relevant distributed information / datasets for different user groups, including contributions from citizen science data gathering gateways. The Portal will technically integrate the various data sources under one search facility and spatially / temporally oriented user interface. It will provide access to full detailed data, geographic visualisation, and remotely sensed data. It will be closely linked to the GEOSS Common Infrastructure and the GEOSS Portal, and access layers and data from GEOSS sources. The portal would also act as showcase for the products from the analytical and modelling activities of all EU BON work packages and support workflows for building such products using the registered e-services. -- Abridged from EU BON Description of Work

Latest News Latest News

Data warehouse database design

We are creating a first version of the new data warehouse database design.  We have used best practices about that, like create technical key field and use elements for combination "lookup /update" data in this data warehouse. In this first (Beta) version we are inluding a csv with 500.000...

Product list display template

The Eubon product list (Beta at the moment) is available at the portal on the product section. This list provide information about all the products like name, description, status, etc., and it's links to the factsheets of each product.  In order to improve the Product List display,...

New team member

We have a new incorporation in our team. Rachael Scrimgeour   who works with us at UNEP-WCMC. Her first contribution is  keen to provide support us in relation to the product list on the portal.  Thanks a million and wellcome to the EUBON project.   

Launch of the EU BON Biodiversity Portal

The EU BON project is happy to launch today its new portal.  The aim is to offer a unique service for analysing and understanding biodiversity change. For instance, users can explore how relative abundance of species (within a larger group) changes in big data mediated by GBIF.  We...